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Professor Pamela Oliver

Department of Sociology

Sociology 220 Lecture Notes & Slides 

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These are rough lecture notes for use of students, not formal papers and not intended to stand alone apart from classroom lectures and discussions. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Files may be printed out and brought to class to minimize note-taking. This site will be regularly updated as notes and presentations are prepared. "Slides" are printed in PDF as handout copies of the PowerPoint slides used in class. Lecture notes are organized in various ways: actual class lectures draw from several sources.

This material will be updated during the semester. Date last edited: March 9, 2005

NOTES: Some students are reporting difficulties getting the PDF files to open. Let me know if you have this problem. One thing I can try is emailing the PDF file to you; another is trying to generate a .doc file.

To see what topics were or will be on particular dates, see the lecture schedule by date. Lecture notes on this"topical" page include longer notes as well as specific lecture outlines and may not be updated as frequently as those linked to from the schedule page. If you want to follow the lecture exactly, use the links on the schedule page.

I. Introductory Issues

  1. Grading: First day slides: Intro to the class, How you are graded, doing the journal, etc.
    1. PDF Slides 6 per page
  2. Ideas of Inter-Group conflict graphically represented
    1. PDF copy of slides
  3. The social construction of race & issues of naming
    1. Slide copies (PDF SLIDES - 6 per page)
    2. Lecture notes
  4. Immigrant Identities and Politics,
    1. (SLIDES PDF)
  5. Discussing Controversial Issues.
    1. RTF file of lecture outline
  6. Theory & History overview (to be updated)
    1. PDF SLIDES - 6 per page

II. History

(Note: If you want to see notes organized by class session, click here)

A. The formation of the US in the 19th century

  1. Creating the Racial State: Overview of US History Through 1865
    1. Slides
      1. Outline only (RTF file)
      2. Slides + blank lines 3/page (DOC file)
      3. Slides 6/page (PDF file)
    2. slide show of somewhat older version of lecture
    3. Older Lecture Notes (PDF) (HTML)
  2. Consolidating the Racial State: 1865-1920 NOTE: For spring 2004, the material on American Indians & Asian Americans will be added to the beginning of the group-specific lectures.
    1. Outline only (RTF file)
    2. Slides + blank lines 3/page (DOC file)
    3. Slides 6/page (PDF)
  3. Historical Maps:
    1. European Claims 1750
    2. US 1816-24
    3. Map of the Annexation of Northern Mexico by US in 1848

B. Ethnic groups in the 20th century

  1. American Indians

    1. American Indian History Part 1: 1500-1900 Lecture slides 6/page
    2. AmerInd history 1865-1900 only
      1. Text outline of lecture
      2. Slides 6/page
    3. American Indian History Part 2: 1900-2000
      1. Lecture slides 6/page (Black & white)
      2. Lecture slides 6/page (color)
      3. Text only (RTF)
    4. Timeline, 20th century
    5. American Indian History Lecture notes (PDF) (HTML)
    6. Maps:
      1. Reservations in the 20th century
      2. Wisconsin reservations
    7. Alcatraz Proclamation 1969 (link to history site)
    8. Bureau of Indian Affairs FAQs on American Indians. Downloaded from BIA web site in 2001.


  2. African Americans

    1. African American History Outline (PDF) (HTML)
    2. Outline of African American History 1900-2000 (PDF) (more detail than in the previous outline)
    3. Lecture Slides PDF (History & Politics 1492-2000) Handouts 6/page
    4. Longer lecture notes, including details not presented in class

  3. Hispanic/Latino/a Americans

    1. Latino History through 1900 - Lecture slide handouts (PDF)
    2. Latino History & Issues since 1900 - lecture slide handouts (PDF)
    3. Outline of Hispanic/Latino/a History (PDF)
    4. Mexican American History notes(PDF)
    5. Cuba & Puerto Rico notes(PDF)
    6. Census Bureau's Power Point slide show on social & economic characteristics of Hispanics (you need Power Point to view this show, produced by US Census Bureau)
    7. Handout on the names "Latino, Hispanic, Chicano"


  4. Asian Americans

    1. Asian American History lecture notes (PDF) (HTML)
    2. Slide Handouts From Asian Americans in 20th century (includes Arab, Middle Eastern, & Muslim Americans)
    3. Text from lecture slides as word processor (RTF) file
    4. Hawaiian Independence summary article (PDF) (HTML)
    5. Time-line on Asian American history (summarized from Chan's book by MIT students)
    6. Census Bureau Power Point slide show comparing groups of foreign-born residents of US You need PowerPoint on your computer to be able to watch this slide show.


  5. Religion: Islam, Christianity, Judaism

    1. Judaism, Christianity, Islam Relations


III. Theory

  1. Outline of Social Movements Theory (HTML) (PDF)
  2. A Political Process Model  of Ethnic Action  (PDF)
  3. Graphics illustrating inter-group conflict PDF handouts 6 slides/page
  4. Dimensions of Resistance


IV. Issues

  1. Income & Wealth
    1. Income & Wealth Lecture Slides. These are printed two to a page and are easier to read in color. Color. Black & white. (sources of data follow)
    2. Census Bureau's "Income" Page
    3. Census Bureau "Asian American" Page (source of data comparing Asians with Whites & "others")
    4. Census Report on Income in the US 1999
    5. Census Report on Income in the US 2000
    6. Inequality.Org Compilation of information from official sources ("Facts and Figures" section)
  2. Segregation & Crime
  3. Affirmative Action
    1. Lecture notes. a) RTF file, lecture outline (no graphics). b) Graphics for the lecture, printed 2/page, easier to read in color. Color or Black & White. If you want the whole lecture, you will need both outline and graphics.
    2. Chancellor's discussion of UW admissions data
  4. Criminal Justice System
    1. Lecture Slides
    2. More Background information on my web site
  5. Copy of an article describing the linguistic structure of African American English (Ebonics).


V. Quotations, Etc.

  1. Quotations about legacies of history from Frederick Douglass & Karl Marx and others (HTML)
  2. Maya Angelou "On the Pulse of Morning" Inaugural poem read January 20, 1993. PDF HTML
  3. Quotations about Whites and Anti-Racism work

VI. Resources

  1. List of video episodes of "Eyes on the Prize" and "Chicano!" available at Learning Support Services (259 Van Hise)
  2. Memorial Library Information guides for this class Web Page ; PDF copy of spring 2003 handout
  3. Calendars of ethnic/religious holidays

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