Annemarie Schneider

Annemarie Schneider Associate Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Geography
202 Enzyme Institute, 1710 University Ave.
(608) 890-0557
Fax: (608) 265-4113

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Selected Publications:

Schneider, A. (2012). Monitoring land cover change in urban and peri-urban areas using dense time stacks of Landsat satellite data and a data mining approach. Remote Sensing of Environment, volume 124, pages 689-704.

Schneider, A., K.E. Logan, and C. Kucharik (2011) Impacts of urbanization on ecosystem goods and services in the U.S. Corn Belt. Ecosystems, DOI: 10.1007/s10021-012-9519-1.

Curtis, K., and A. Schneider (2011) Understanding the demographic implications of climate change: estimates of localized population predictions under future scenarios of sea-level rise. Population and Environment 33(1):28-54.

Schneider, A., M. A. Friedl and D. Potere (2010) Mapping urban areas globally using MODIS 500m data: New methods and datasets based on urban ecoregions. Remote Sensing of Environment, 114(8), 1733-1746.

Friedl, M.A., D. Sulla-Menashe, B. Tan, A. Schneider, N. Ramankutty, and A. Sibley (2010) MODIS Collection 5 Global Land Cover: algorithm refinements and characterization of new datasets. Remote Sensing of Environment, volume 114, pages 168-182.

Schneider, A., M. A. Friedl and D. Potere (2009). A new map of global urban extent from MODIS data. Environmental Research Letters, volume 4, article 044003.

Potere, D., A. Schneider, S. Angel, and D. Civco (2009) Mapping urban areas on a global scale: which of the eight maps now available is more accurate? International Journal of Remote Sensing, volume 30, pages 6531-6558.

Schneider, A., and C.E. Woodcock (2008) Compact, dispersed, fragmented, extensive? A comparison of urban growth in 25 global cities using remotely sensed data, pattern metrics and census information. Urban Studies, volume 45, pages 659-692.

Christina Ewig, and Gastón A. Palmucci, "Inequality and the Politics of Social Policy Implementation: Gender, Age and Chile’s 2004 Health Reforms." World Development 40 (2012): 2490-2504.

Potere, D., C.E. Woodcock, A. Schneider, M. Ozdogan, A. Baccini, and S. Gopal (2007) Patterns in forest clearing along the Appalachian Trail corridor. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, volume 73, pages 783-791.

Potere, D. and A. Schneider (2007) A critical look at representations of urban areas in global maps. Geojournal, Special Issue on Population Distribution, volume 69, pages 55-80.

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