Mary McEniry

Mary McEniry Honorary Fellow
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:


McEniry, M. 2014. Early life conditions and rapid demographic changes: Consequences for older adult health. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer Science and Business Media.

Journal Articles

Grol-Prokopczyk, H., Verdes-Tennant, E., McEniry, M., & Ispány, M. 2015. "The promises and pitfalls of anchoring vignettes in health survey research", Demography 52(5):1703-1728. PMID: 26335547.

McEniry, M. & McDermott, J. 2015. "Early life conditions, rapid demographic changes and older adult health in the developing world", Biodemography & Social Biology 61:2, 147-166.PMCID: PMC 4559852.

McEniry, M. 2012. "Early Life Conditions and Older Adult Health in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Review." Journal of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 4(1): 10-29. Online: doi:10.1017/S2040174412000499. PMCID: PMC3540412.

McEniry, M. 2011. "In utero exposures, season of birth and population studies of older adults: Author's reply". Social Science & Medicine, Online: doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2010.12.020

McEniry, M. 2010. "Infant mortality, season of birth and the health of older adult Puerto Ricans." Social Science & Medicine, Online: doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2010.08.026 PMCID: PMC3033963.

McEniry, M., A. Palloni. 2010. "Early life exposures and the occurrence and timing of heart disease among the older adult Puerto Rican population." Demography 47(1):23-43.PMCID: PMC3000006.


McEniry, M. 2016. “Early life conditions and older adult health.” In: Aging World: 2015, editors Wan He, Daniel Goodkind, Paul Kowal. U.S. Census Bureau, International Population Reports, P95/16-1. US Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.

McEniry, M. 2014. Cross national comparisons across low, middle and high income countries of poor early life nutrition and diet and older adult diabetes and heart disease. In Laura Rodríguez Wong, José Eustáquio Alves; Jorge Rodríguez Vignoli; Cássio MaldonadoTurra (Eds.), Cairo+20: perspectivas da agenda de população e desenvolvimento sustentável pós-2014 [Cairo+20: perspectives from the population and sustainable development agenda post-2014], no 15 da Série Investigações, Rio de Janeiro, ALAP, April 2014.

Research Projects:

Early Life Influences on Elderly Health in the Developing World