Katherine J. Curtis

Katherine J. Curtis Classes:
CESoc/Soc 977 Spatial Data AnalysisSoc/CESoc 578 Poverty and Place
Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology
316B Agricultural Hall, 1450 Linden Dr.
(608) 890-1900
Fax: (608) 262-8400

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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Curtis K, O’Connell H. "Historical Racial Contexts and Contemporary Spatial Differences in Racial Inequality." Spatial Demography. 2016;1-25.

DeWaard J, Curtis K, Fuguitt G. "The ‘New Great Migration’ of Blacks to the US South: Estimating Duration of Residence in the Absence of Retrospective Information.” Demographic Research. 2016; 34:885-898.

DeWaard J, Curtis K, Fussell E. "Stage Migration Within and Through Migration Systems: Implications for Population Recovery in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina." Population and Environment.2015,37 (4):449-463. PMCID: PMC4942146

Katherine J. Curtis, Elizabeth Fussell, and Jack DeWaard. 2015, "Recovery Migration after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Spatial Concentration and Intensification in the Migration system." Demography. 52(4):1269-93. PMCID: PMC4534346.

Elizabeth Fussell, Katherine J. Curtis, and Jack DeWaard. 2014. "Change in the City of New Orleans' Migration System after Hurricane Katrina." Population and Environment 35, DOI 10.1007/s11111-014-0204-5.

Katherine J. Curtis, Perla Reyes, Heather O’Connell, and Jun Zhu. 2013. "Assessing the Spatial Concentration and Temporal Persistence of Poverty: Industrial Structure, Racial/Ethnic Composition, and the Complex Links to Poverty." Spatial Demography 1(2):178-194.

Katherine J. Curtis, Paul R. Voss, and David D. Long. 2012. "Spatial Variation in Poverty-Generating Processes: Child Poverty in the United States." Social Science Research 41(1):146-159.

Katherine J. Curtis and Annemarie Schneider. 2011. "Understanding the demographic implications of climate change: estimates of localized population predictions under future scenarios of sea-level rise." Population and Environment 33(1):28-54.

Katherine J. Curtis and Collin F. Payne. 2010. "The Differential Impact of Mortality of American Troops in the Iraq War: The Non-Metropolitan Dimension." Demographic Research. 23(2):41-62.

Curtis White, Katherine J. 2008. "Population Change and Farm Dependence: Temporal and Spatial Variation in the U.S. Great Plains, 1900-2000." Demography 45(2):363-386.

Katherine J. Curtis White, Kyle D. Crowder, Stewart E. Tolnay, and Robert M. Adelman. 2005. "Race, Gender, and Marriage: Destination Selection during the Great Migration." Demography 42:215-241.

Katherine J. Curtis White. 2005. "Women in the Great Migration: Economic Activity of Black and White Southern-Born Female Migrants in 1920, 1940 and 1970." Social Science History 29:413-455.

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Demography of Inequality
Environmental and Spatial Demography