Jesse Gregory

Jesse Gregory Assistant Professor of Economics
6424 Sewell Social Sciences
(609) 890-4913

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Selected Publications:

Sastry, Narayan and Jesse Gregory (forthcoming). "The Location of Displaced New Orleans Residents in the Year after Hurricane Katrina." Demography.

Busso, Matias, Jesse Gregory and Patrick Kline (2013). "Assessing the Incidence and Efficiency of a Prominent Place Based Policy." American Economic Review, 103(2): 897-947.

Sastry, Narayan and Jesse Gregory (2013). "The Effect of Hurricane Katrina on the Prevalence of Health Impairments and Disability among Adults in New Orleans: Differences by Age, Race, and Sex." Social Science & Medicine, 80:121-129.

Mamun, Arif, Paul O'Leary, and David C. Wittenburg and Jesse Gregory (2011). "Employment among Social Security Disability Program Beneficiaries, 1996-2007." Social Security Bulletin, 71(3):11-34.

Stapleton, David Gina Livermore, and Jesse Gregory (2007). "Beneficiary Participation in Ticket to Work." Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation 27(2): 95-106.

Wittenburg, David, Thomas Fraker, David Stapleton, Craig Thornton, Jesse Gregory and Arif Mamun (2007). "Initial Impacts of the Ticket to Work Program on Social Security Disability Beneficiary Service Enrollment, Earnings, and Benefits." Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 27(2):129-140.

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Demography of Inequality
Environmental and Spatial Demography