Michal Engelman

Michal Engelman Classes:
575 Sociology of Aging and the Life CourseSoc 170 Population ProblemsSoc 663 Population and Society: Population Economics
Associate Professor of Sociology
4432 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 262-9856

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Selected Publications:

Engelman, M., Kestenbaum, BM, Zuelsdorff, M., Mehta, N, Lauderdale, D. 2017. "Work Disability Among Native-Born and Foreign-Born Americans: On Origins, Health, and Social Safety Nets." Demography (forthcoming).

Engelman, M., Seplaki, C.L., Varadhan, R. 2017. A Quiescent Phase in Human Mortality? Exploring the Ages of Least Vulnerability Demography 54(3):PMID2839179.

Garoon, J.P., Engelman, M., Gitlin, L.N., Szanton, S.L. 2016. Where does the neighborhood go? Trust, social engagement, and health among older adults in Baltimore City. Health & Place 41: 58-66. PMCID: PMC5465432

Engelman, M. 2014. Global Ageing: Demographic and Ethical Challenges to Population Health and Development Policies' in M. Freeman, S. Hawkes, and B. Bennett (Eds.) Law and Global Health: Current Legal Issues Volume 16 London: Oxford University Press. pp.308-330

Engelman, M., Caswell, H., Agree, E.M. 2014. Why do variance trends for the young and old diverge? A perturbation analysis. Demographic Research30 (48):1367-1396

Cunningham, S.A., Yount, K.M., Engelman, M., Agree, E.M. 2013. Returns on lifetime investments in children in Ismailia, Egypt. Demography 50(2): 699-724.

Zhang, Y., Engelman, M., Agree, E.M. 2012. Moving considerations: A longitudinal analysis of parent-child residential proximity for older Americans. Research on Aging (News coverage)

Engelman, M., Canudas-Romo, V., Agree, E.M. 2010. The implications of increased survivorship for mortality variation in aging populations. Population and Development Review 36(3):511-539.

Engelman, M., Agree, E.M., Meoni, L., Klag, M.J. 2010. Propositional density and cognitive function in later life: Results from the Precursors Study. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences 65(6):706-11.

Engelman, M., Agree, E.M., Yount, K.M., Bishai, D. 2010. Parity and parentsí health in later-life: The gendered case of Ismailia, Egypt. Population Studies 64(2): 165 -178.

Engelman, M., Johnson S. 2007. Population aging and international development: Addressing competing claims of distributive justice. Developing World Bioethics 7(1): 8-18.

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Health and Mortality