Corbett Grainger

Corbett Grainger Assistant Professor of Agricultural & Applied Economics
411 Henry Taylor Hall 427 Lorch St
(608) 262-3651

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Selected Publications:

Grainger, C. A., and Costello, C. Distributional Effects of the Transition to Property Rights for a Common-Pool Resource Marine Resource Economics, p. 000 Published by: The University of Chicago Press Article DOI: 10.1086/684132 Article Stable URL:

Grainger, C. and Costello, C. Capitalizing Property Rights Insecurity in Natural Resource Assets. 2014. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 67(2): 224-40.

Grainger, C. and Parker, D. 2013. The Political Economy of Fishery Reform. Annual Review of Resource Economics 5: 369-86.

Grainger, C. 2012. "The Distributional Effects of Pollution Regulations: Do Renters Fully Pay for Cleaner Air?" Journal of Public Economics 96(9-10):840-852

Grainger, C. 2010. "Redistricting and Polarization: Who Draws the Lines in California?" Journal of Law and Economics 53(3):545-567

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Demography of Inequality
Environmental and Spatial Demography