Emilia Tjernström

Emilia Tjernström Assistant Professor of Public Affairs
201 Observatory Hill Office Building
(608) 262-6278

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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Emilia Tjernström, Michael R. Carter, and Patricia Toledo. "Identifying the impact dynamics of a small farmer development scheme in Nicaragua." American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Papers and Proceedings, 95(5):1359–1365, July 2013.

Tjernström Emilia, 2015. “Learning-by-doing vs. learning-from-others: Heterogeneity matters.” BASIS Brief No. 2015-01.

Carroll, Christine, Diane Charlton, and Emilia Tjernström. “Price premiums for organic strawberries.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Update, 15(6):12–14, 2012.

Emilia Tjernström and Thomas H. Tietenberg. Do differences in attitudes explain differences in national climate change policies? Ecological Economics, 65(2):315–324, 2008.

Sune Tjernström and Emilia Tjernström. Rational foolishness would destroy a public service broadcasting system. Journal of Media Economics, 21(4):258–263, 2008.

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Demography of Inequality
Environmental and Spatial Demography