Pamela Herd

Pamela Herd Professor of Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy,
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Selected Publications:

Moynihan, Donald P., Pamela Herd, and Elizabeth Rigby. 2014. "Policymaking by Other Means: Do States Use Administrative Barriers to Limit Access to Medicaid?" Administration & Society. Published online 9/19/13

Moynihan, Donald, Pamela Herd and Hope Harvey. 2014. "Administrative Burden: Learning, Psychological, and Compliance Costs in Citizen-State Interactions." Journal of Public Administration Research Theory. Published online 2/27/2014

Herd, Pamela, Deborah Carr, and Carol Roan. 2014. "Cohort Profile: Wisconsin Longitudinal Study." International Journal of Epidemiology 43(1): 34-41.

Herd, Pamela, Thomas DeLeire, Hope Harvey, and Donald P. Moynihan. 2013. "Shifting Administrative Burden to the State: The Case of Medicaid Take-Up." Public Administration Review 73(s1): s69-s81.

Roetker, Nicholas S., C. David Page, James A. Yonker, Vicky Chang, Carol L. Roan, Pamela Herd, Taissa S. Hauser, Robert M. Hauser, and Craig S. Atwood. 2013. "Assessment of Genetic and Nongenetic Interactions for the Prediction of Depressive Symptomatology: An Analysis of the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study Using Machine Learning Algorithms." American Journal of Public Health 103(S1):S136-S144.

Waxler, Jessica, Elizabeth Cherniske, Kristen Dieter, Pamela Herd, and Barbara Pober. 2013. "Hearing from Parents: The Impact of Receiving the Diagnosis of Williams Syndrome in their Child." American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 161(3): 534-541.

Research Projects:

The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study-As We Age
Wisconsin Longitudinal Study: Tracking the Life Course
A Longitudinal Resource for Genetic Research in Behavioral & Health Sciences

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Demography of Inequality
Health and Mortality