Erik Nordheim

Erik Nordheim Professor of Statistics
1110 Med Sci, 1300 University Ave.
(608) 263-5812

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Barzen, J. and more than 20 others, including E.V. Nordheim. 2012. Persistent Organic Pollutants in Wetlands of the Mekong Basin. (refereed monograph)

Burgette, L.F., E.V. Nordheim. 2012. The trace restriction: An alternative identification strategy for the Bayesian multinomial probit model. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 30; pp404-410.

Taylor, B.J., E.V. Nordheim, R.L. Jeanne. 2012. Allocation of colony-level foraging effort in Vespula germanica in response to food resource quantity, quality, and associated olfactory cues. Ethology 118: 594-605.

Schueller, T.I., E.V. Nordheim, B.J. Taylor, R.L. Jeanne. 2010. The cues have it: nest-based, cue-mediated recruitment to carbohydrate resources in a swarm-founding social wasp. Naturwissenshaften 97:1017-1022.

Li. J.L., C.M. Zhang, K.A. Doksum, E.V. Nordheim. 2010. Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Semiparametric Logistic Regression and Confidence Regions fort the Multi-Dimensional Effective Dose. Statistica Sinica 20: 637-659.

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Demography of Inequality