Elizabeth Thomson

Elizabeth Thomson Professor of Sociology, Emerita
4321 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 262-2182
Fax: (608) 262-8400

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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Thomson, Elizabeth, Maria Winkler-Dworak, Martin Spielauer and Alexia Prskawetz. 2012. Union Stability as an Engine of Fertility? A Micro-simulation Model for France. Demography 49(1):175-195.

Thomson, Elizabeth, and Sara S. McLanahan. 2012. Reflections on “Family Structure and Child Well-Being: Economic Resources vs. Parental Socialization”. Social Forces 91(1):45–53.

Holland, Jennifer A., and Elizabeth Thomson. 2011. Stepfamily Childbearing in Sweden: Quantum and Tempo Effects, 1950-99. Population Studies 65(1):115-128.

Rijken, Arieke, and Elizabeth Thomson. 2011. His and Her Relationship Quality: Effects on Childbearing. Social Science Research 40:485-497.

Kennedy, Sheela, and Elizabeth Thomson. 2010. Children’s Experiences of Family Disruption in Sweden: Differentials by Parent Education over Three Decades. Demographic Research 23:479-508.

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Fertility, Families and Households