Daniel R. Meyer

Daniel R. Meyer Professor of Social Work
212 School of Social Work, 1350 University Ave.

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Selected Publications:

Yeongmin Kim and Daniel R. Meyer. 2014. "Child Care Support by Nonresident Fathers: Are More Fathers Better?" Forthcoming in Social Service Review.

Daniel R. Meyer and Christine Skinner. 2014. "Privileging Biological or Residential Relationships: Family Policy on Obligations to Children in 12 Countries." Forthcoming in Families, Relationships, and Societies. Presented at the 2012 European Social Policy Network meetings, Edinburgh, September 2012.

Yeongmin Kim, Maria Cancian, and Daniel R. Meyer. 2014. "Child Support and Subsequent Nonmarital Fertility with a New Partner." Forthcoming in Journal of Family Issues. Revised government report.

Cancian, Maria, Daniel R. Meyer, Patricia R. Brown, and Steven T. Cook. 2014. "Who Gets Custody Now? Dramatic Changes in Children's Living Arrangements after Divorce." Demography 51(4): 1381-96. Revised government report.

Cancian, Maria and Daniel R. Meyer. 2014. "Testing the Economic Independence Hypothesis: The Effect of an Exogenous Increase in Child Support on Subsequent Marriage and Cohabitation." Demography 54(3): 857-880. Revised government report.

Cuesta, Laura and Daniel R. Meyer. 2014. "The Role of Child Support in the Economic Wellbeing of Custodial-Mother Families in Less Developed Countries: The Case of Colombia." International Journal of Law, Policy, and the Family 28(1): 60-76. Published online at doi: 10.1093/lawfam/ebt016

Meyer, Daniel R. 2012. "Child Maintenance Policies in the United States." European Journal of Social Security. 14(4), 252-66.

Cuesta, Laura and Daniel R. Meyer. 2012. "Child Support Receipt: Does Context Matter? A Comparative Analysis of Colombia and the US." Children and Youth Services Review. 34(9), 1876-1883.

Meyer, Daniel R., and Maria Cancian. 2012. "I'm Not Supporting His Kids: Noncustodial Fathers' Contributions Given Mothers' New Fertility." Journal of Marriage and Family 74:132-51. Revised government report.

Berger, Lawrence M., Maria Cancian, and Daniel R. Meyer. 2012. "Maternal Re-Partnering and New-Partner Fertility: Associations with Nonresident Father Investments in Children." Children and Youth Services Review 34(2), 426 - 436.

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Demography of Inequality
Fertility, Families and Households