Laura Schechter

Laura Schechter Associate Professor of Agricultural & Applied Economics
334 Taylor Hall, 427 Lorch St.
(608) 262-9482
Fax: (608) 262-4376

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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Barham, B.L., J.-P. Chavas, D. Fitz, V. Ríos Salas, and L. Schechter. Forthcoming, 2014. "Risk, Learning, and Technology Adoption." Agricultural Economics.

Barham, B. L., J. P. Chavas, D. Fitz, V. R. Salas, and L. Schechter. 2014. "The roles of risk and ambiguity in technology adoption." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 97: 204-218.

Finan, F. and L. Schechter. 2012. "Vote-Buying and Reciprocity." Econometrica, 80(2): 863-881.

Ligon, E. and L. Schechter. 2012. "Motives for Sharing in Social Networks." Journal of Development Economics, 99(1): 13-26.

Schechter, L. and A. Yuskavage. 2012. "Inequality, Reciprocity, and Credit in Social Networks." American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Papers and Proceedings, 84(2): 402-410.

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Demography of Inequality