Timothy M. Smeeding

Timothy M. Smeeding Lee Rainwater Distinguished Professor of Public Affairs & Economics
3464 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 890-1317
Fax: (608) 265-3119

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Selected Publications:

Fisher, Jonathan, David Johnson and Timothy Smeeding. 2014. "Inequality of Income and Consumption: Measuring the Trends in Inequality from 1984-2011 for the Same Individuals." Review of Income and Wealth, in press.

Kenworthy, Lane and Timothy Smeeding. 2014. "The United States: High and Rapidly-Rising Inequality." In Inequality and Its Impacts, volume 2, edited by Brian Nolan and Wiemer Salverda. Oxford University Press, pp 695-717

Morelli, S., J. Thompson, and T. M. Smeeding. 2014. "Post-1970 Trends in Within-Country Inequality and Poverty." In A. Atkinson and F. Bourguignon, Handbook of Income Distribution, Vol. 2. (in press)

Johnson, David and Timothy Smeeding. 2014. "Inequality Measurement," International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd ed. Elsevier, UK, in press.

Tiehen,Laura, Dean Jolliffe, and Timothy Smeeding. 2014. "The Effect of SNAP on Poverty" to appear in J Ziliak, et al., eds., Five Decades of Food Stamps, in press.

Marchand, Joseph, and Timothy Smeeding. 2014. "Ageing and Poverty" Chapter 16, for the Handbook of the Economics of Population Ageing, A Woodland and J Piggot, eds. Elsevier, NY and London, in press

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Demography of Inequality
Fertility, Families and Households