Katherine Magnuson

Katherine Magnuson Professor of Social Work
308 School of Social Work, 1350 University Ave.
(608) 263-4812

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Selected Publications:

Shager, H., Schindler, H., Magnuson, K., Duncan, G., Yoshikawa, H., & Hart, C (2013). Can Research Design Explain Variation in Head Start Research Results? A Meta-analysis. Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis 35(1), 76-95.

Snell, E., Castells, N., Duncan, G., Gennetian, L., Magnuson, K., & Morris, P. (2013). Promoting the Positive Development of Boys in High-Poverty Neighborhoods: Evidence from Four Anti-Poverty Experiments. Journal of Research on Adolescence 23(2), 357-374.

Magnuson, K., Waldfogel, J. & Washbrook. (2012). The Development of SES Gradients in Skills during the School Years: Evidence from the US and UK. From Parents to Children: The Intergenerational Transmission of Advantage.

Ha, Y. Magnuson, K, & Ybarra, M. (2012). The Association between Child Care Subsidies and Stability of Care. Children and Youth Services Review 34, 1834-1844.

Nepomynaschy, L., Magnuson, K., and Berger, L. (2012). Child Support and Young Children's Development. Social Service Review, 86, 3-35.

Duncan, G., Magnuson, K., Kalil, A. and Zio-Guest, K. (2012). The importance of early childhood poverty. Social Indicators Research 108(1), 87-98.

Osborne, C., Berger, L., and Magnuson, K (2012). Family Structure Transitions and Changes in Maternal Depression and Parenting. Demography, 49, 2347.

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Demography of Inequality
Fertility, Families and Households