Photo of Sociology lecture

Associate Professor Felix Elwert teaching Sociology 120

Syllabus Archive

Archive of syllabi provided by instructors. Both current and past semester's courses are listed here. Some Sociology courses are offered only periodically. In these cases, a syllabus from the last time such a course was offered is provided here. Use these files to review current course offerings or to view the subject matter of courses not currently on the schedule.

Courses numbered 100-299

Includes undergraduate courses such as: Marriage and Family; Contemporary American Society; Social Problems; Criminal Justice in America; Problems of American Racial and Ethnic Minorities; Sociology of Gender; Introduction to Rural Sociology and Development; Human Sexuality; Population Problems; Food, Culture, and Society; Contemporary Chinese Society; Introduction to Southeast Asia: Vietnam to the Philippines; Environment, Natural Resources & Society; The Civilizations of India - Modern Period; People and Places: The Demography of Rural America; Africa: An Introductory Survey

Courses numbered 300-699

Includes undergraduate and graduate courses such as: Methods of Sociological Inquiry; Statistics for Sociologists; Computing in Sociological Research; Mathematical Sociology; Criminology; Classical Sociological Theory; Feminism and Sociological Theory; Introductory Social Psychology; Sociology of Developing Societies/Third World; Sociology of Organizations; Social Stratification; Sociology of the Family; Sociology of Law; Sociology of Sport; Sociology of Education; Population and Society; Urbanism and Urbanization

Courses numbered 700 and up

Includes graduate courses such as Intermediate Social Psychology: The Individual and Society; Intermediate Social Psychology: Group and Collective Processes; Environmental Sociology; Research Methods in Sociology; Survey Methods for Social Research; Intermediate Classical Theory; Path Analysis and Structural Equation Models; Family and Household Demography

Seminar Schedules

Includes schedules for graduate training seminars such as Economic Sociology; Sociology of Gender (Fem Sem); Community & Environmental Sociology Seminar (ComE Soc); Race and Ethnic Studies; Deviance, Law, and Social Control; Social Psychology; Politics, Culture, and Society; Sociology of Economic Change & Development (SECD); Colloquium in Critical Sociology; Demography of Health and Aging Methodology; Demography and Ecology (DemSem)