Adam Gamoran

In the News

  1. U.S. Education Secretary Announces Four Appointments to National Board of Education Sciences
  2. Florida Mandates Class Size Reduction
  3. The End of 'the Stupid Class'
  4. Twin Study Bolsters Arguments for Good Teachers
  5. 'Algebra for All' Push Found to Yield Poor Results
  6. State Superintendent May Withhold $175 Million in MPS Funding
  7. Why Aren't There More Deidre Greens?
  8. Wisconsin's Low Income School Population Rises
  9. Good Teachers Make a Difference -- But What Makes a Good Teacher?
  10. Study: Many 8th-Graders Can't Handle Algebra
  11. Students and Teachers: Finding the Right Fit
  12. New Uses Explored for 'Value-Added' Data
  13. Scrutiny Heightens for 'Value-Added' Research Methods
  14. Size Alone Makes Small Classes Better for Kids
  15. No Easy Answers about NCLB's Effect on 'Poverty Gap'
  16. Study Finds No 'Educational Triage' Driven by NCLB
  17. A new trend in college: Fewer men
  18. Bush Claims About NCLB Questioned
  19. Doyle Budget Expands Classes For 4-year-olds
  20. Social Sciences gets name change
  21. Social Science Building to be renamed for scholar, administrator Sewell
  22. Work on education gap lauded
  23. Some say best students are getting short shrift: The 'heterogeneous' debate
  24. UW-Madison Awarded $5 Million to Train Education Researchers
  25. Gamoran chosen to lead UW's education research center
  26. Beware the urge to stream
  27. Setting debate hots up
  28. Setting should be a matter of choice
  29. Different tracks, different teaching
  30. Best ways to teach
  31. Algebra benefits all students, study finds
  32. HMI's omission on setting
  33. Politicians rapped over setting
  34. S grade narrows divide

Public Lectures

"Big Ten Network: The State of Education"

"Interview with" (scroll down to June 27, 2009)

"Value Added Measures: Implications for Policy and Practice" Welcoming address to conference held at the Urban Institute, Washington, DC, May 23, 2008.
Conference web site
Audio of lecture

"Challenges of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Grouping" Presentation to the school board of the Madison Metropolitan School District, Madison, WI, January 30, 2006.


"More Coherence Would Benefit High School English." (pdf file) Wisconsin Center for Education Research, public display, 2003.

"Teaching Math and Science for Understanding." (pdf) Wisconsin Center for Education Research, public display, 2001.