Jenny Higgins

Jenny Higgins

Associate Professor, Gender & Women's Studies
3414 Sterling Hall, 475 N. Charter St.
(608) 890-4622
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Selected Publications:
Higgins, Jenny A. and Anne R. Davis. (Forthcoming, 2014.) Contraceptive Sex-Acceptability: A Commentary, Literature Synopsis, and Agenda for Future Research. Contraception.

Higgins, Jenny A., Sanyukta Mathur, Neema Nakyanjo, Elizabeth Eckel, Richard Sekamwa, Josephine Namatovo, William Ddaaki, Rosette Namakula, Laura Kelley, Fred Nalugoda, and John S. Santelli. 2014. The Importance of Relationship Context in HIV Transmission: Results from a Qualitative Case-Control Study in Rakai, Uganda. American Journal of Public Health, published online ahead of print.

Higgins, Jenny A. (Forthcoming.) Celebration Meets Caution: Long Acting Contraception (LARC)'s Boons, Potential Busts, and the Benefits of a Reproductive Justice Approach. Contraception, published online ahead of print.

Higgins, Jenny A., Laura Gregor, Sanyukta Mathur, Neema Nakyanjo, Fred Nalugoda, and John Santelli. Use of Withdrawal (coitus interruptus) for both Pregnancy and HIV Prevention among Young Adults in Rakai, Uganda. 2013. Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Higgins, Jenny A. and Julie Fennell. 2013. Including Women's Pleasure in the Next Generation of Condoms. Journal of Sexual Medicine 10(12): 3151-3.

Mullinax, Margo, Jenny A. Higgins, Neema Nakyanjo, Godfery Kigozi, David Serwadda, Maria J. Wawer, Jennifer Wagman, Ronald Gray, Fred Nalugoda. 2013. Community Understandings of and Responses to Gender Equality and Empowerment in Rakai, Uganda. Global Public Health 8(4): 465-478.

Santelli, John S., Zoe R. Edlestein, Sanyukta Mathur, Ying Wei, Wenfei Zhang, Mark G. Orr, Jenny A. Higgins, Fred Nalugoda, Ron H. Gray, Maria J. Wawer, and David M. Serwadda. 2013. Behavioral, Biological, and Demographic Risk and Protective Factors for New HIV Infections among Youth in Rakai, Uganda. JAIDS (Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes) 63(3): 393-400.

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