Jason Fletcher

Jason Fletcher

Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology
4430 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 262-4436
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Office Hours: T 10-11:30, 4430 SocSci (F'17)

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:
"Causal Spousal Health Spillover Effects and Implications for Program Evaluation." ." (with Ryne Marksteiner) American Economic Journal: Economic Policy November 2017, 9(4): 144-66

"Assortative mating and differential fertility by phenotype and genotype across the 20th century." (with Dalton Conley, Thomas Laidley, Daniel Belsky, Jason Boardman, and Ben Domingue) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2016 113( 24) 66476652

"The Summer Drug Holiday: Medical Adaptation to Academic Pressure & Psychiatric Financial Incentives." (with Marissa King and Jen Jennings) American Sociological Review 79.6 (2014)

"Learning from Teen Childbearing Experiences of Close Friends: Evidence Using Miscarriages as a Natural Experiment." (with Olga Yakusheva) Review of Economics and Statistics March 2015, Vol. 97. No. 1, Pages 29-43

"Genetic and educational assortative mating among US adults" (with Ben Dominque, Dalton Conley, and Jason Boardman) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences June 2014 111(22): 7996-8000

"The Challenge of Causal Inference in Gene-Environment Interaction Research: Leveraging Research Designs from the Social Sciences" (with Dalton Conley) American Journal of Public Health Published online August 8, 2013: e1e4

"A Sibling Death in the Family: Common and Consequential." (with Marsha Mailick, Jieun Song, and Barbara Wolfe) Demography June 2013, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp 803-826

"Why Have Tobacco Control Policies Stalled? Using Genetic Moderation to Examine Policy Impacts" PLOS One, December 5, 2012

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006

Departmental Areas of Interest:
Economic Sociology
Aging and the Life Course
Demography and Ecology
Medical Sociology
Methods and Statistics

Center for Demography and Ecology
Robert M. LaFollette School of Public Affairs
Center for Demography of Health and Aging
Institute for Research on Poverty
Population Health Sciences
Agricultural and Applied Economics

Research Interest Statement:
Fletcher blends methods, research designs, and topics across disciplines. He is currently working with geneticists in examining whether genetic variation explains heterogenous treatment effects from social and economic policies, working with political scientists exploring the intersection of politics (voting behaviors) and health, working with sociologists and economists in examining social and genetic determinants of social network ties, and using quasi-natural experiments to identify the long term impacts of early conditions.