Rourke O'Brien

Rourke O'Brien

Assistant Professor of Public Affairs
1225 Observatory Drive
(608) 265-3233
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Selected Publications:
O’Brien, R.L., A.S. Venkataramani, and A.C. Tsai. Economic Mobility and the Mortality Crisis Among U.S. Middle-Aged Whites. Forthcoming (2017). Epidemiology.

Hershfield, H.E., A.B. Sussman, R.L. O’Brien and C.J. Bryan. 2015. “Leveraging Psychological Insights to Encourage the Responsible Use of Consumer Debt.” Perspectives on Psychological Science 10: 749-752.

O’Brien, R.L. 2015. “Disability and the Worlds of Welfare Capitalism.” Sociological Science 2:1-19.

O’Brien, R.L. 2015. “Monetizing Illness: The Influence of Disability Assistance Priming on How We Evaluate the Health Symptoms of Others.” Social Science & Medicine 128:31-35.

O’Brien, R.L. 2013. “Economy and Disability: Labor Market Conditions and the Disability of Working-Age Individuals.” Social Problems 60(3): 321-333.

O’Brien, R.L. 2012. “Depleting Capital? Race, Wealth and Informal Financial Assistance.” Social Forces 91(2): 375-396.

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