Daniel Kleinman

Daniel Kleinman


Soc 610 Knowledge and Society
Soc/CESoc 245 Where Science Meets Society/Technology and Society
Soc/CESoc 496 Expertise and Democracy
Soc/CESoc 927 The Political Sociology of Science
STS 901 Seminar: Science, Technology, and Medicine in Society

Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology, Emeritus
330 Agricultural Hall
(608) 265-3289
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Selected Publications:
Vallas, Steven P., Daniel Lee Kleinman, Dina Biscotti. 2010. Forthcoming. "The Making of the Knowledge Economy: State Intervention and the Commercialization of the Life Sciences." In Fred Block, ed., Half Empty and Half Full: U.S. Government Innovation Policies, 1969-2008.

Kleinman, Daniel Lee. 2010. "The Commercialization of Academic Culture and the Future of the University." In Hans Radder (ed.), The Commodification of Academic Research: Analyses Assessments, Alternatives. University of Pittsburgh Press.

Daniel Lee Kleinman, Abby J. Kinchy, and Robyn Autry. 2009. "Local Variation or Global Convergence in Agricultural Biotechnology Policy? A Comparative Analysis." Science and Public Policy 36(5): 361-371.

Steven P. Vallas and Daniel Lee Kleinman. 2008. "Contradiction, Convergence, and the Knowledge Economy: The Co-Evolution of Academic and Commercial Biotechnology." Socio-Economic Review. 6: 2: 283-311.

Daniel Lee Kleinman. 2003. Impure Cultures: University Biology and the World of Commerce. University of Wisconsin Press.

Daniel Lee Kleinman and Steven P. Vallas. 2001. "Science, Capitalism, and the Rise of the 'Knowledge Worker': The Changing Structure of Knowledge Production in the United States." Theory and Society 30: 451-492.

Daniel Lee Kleinman (ed.). 2000. Science, Technology and Democracy. SUNY Press.

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1992

Departmental Areas of Interest:
AgroFood Systems
Communities and Urban Sociology
Comparative-Historical Sociology
Economic Sociology
Organizational and Occupational Analysis
Political Sociology
Qualitative Methods
Science and Technology

Community and Environmental Sociology
Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies
Integrated Liberal Studies