Leann Tigges

Leann Tigges


CESoc 578 Rural Minority Groups and Poverty in the United States
Soc 215 Gender and Work in Rural America
Soc 904 Sociological Perspectives on Gender
Soc 945 Seminar on Gender and Local Labor Markets

Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology
314 Agricultural Hall
(608) 890-0347
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Selected Publications:
Tigges, Leann M. and Glenn Fuguitt. (2003.) "Commuting: A Good Job Close By?" Chapter in Challenges for Rural America in the Twenty-First Century, edited by David L. Brown and Louis E. Swanson. University Park, PA: Penn State University Press.

Browne, Irene, Cynthia Hewitt, Leann M. Tigges, and Gary P. Green. 2001. "Why Does Job Segregation Lead to Wage Inequality Among African Americans? Person, Place, Sector, or Skills?" Social Science Research 30: 473-495.

Browne, Irene, Leann M. Tigges, and Julie Press. 2001. "Inequality through Labor Markets, Firms, and Families: The Intersection of Gender and Race/Ethnicity." Pp. 372-406 in Urban Inequality: Evidence from Four Cities, edited by Alice O'Connor, Chris Tilly, and Lawrence D. Bobo. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1984

Departmental Areas of Interest:
Economic Sociology
Organizational and Occupational Analysis
Race and Ethnic Studies

Community and Environmental Sociology
Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy
Institute for Research on Poverty