Chaeyoon Lim

Chaeyoon Lim


Soc 357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry
Soc 357 Methods of Sociological Inquiry (Honors)
Soc 360 Statistics for Sociologists I
Soc 543 Collective Behavior
Soc 924 Seminar on Political Sociology (Social Capital and Public Life)

Associate Professor of Sociology
Associate Chair, Department of Sociology
8105 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 263-5146

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:
Lim, Chaeyoon. 2016. "Religion, Time Use and Affective Well-Being." Sociological Science 3: 685-709.

Lim, Chaeyoon. 2015. "Religion and Subjective Well-being across Religious Traditions: Evidence from 1.3 Million Americans." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54: 684-701.

Lim, Chaeyoon, and James Laurence. 2015. "Doing Good When Times Are Bad: Volunteering Behavior in Economic Hard Times." British Journal of Sociology.

Lim, Chaeyoon, and Thomas Sander. 2013. "Does Misery Love Company? Civic Engagement in Economic Hard Times." Social Science Research 42: 14-30.

Lim, Chaeyoon, and Carol Ann MacGregor. 2012. "Religion and Volunteering in Context: Disentangling the Contextual Effects of Religion on Voluntary Behavior." American Sociological Review 77: 747-779.

Lim, Chaeyoon, Carol Ann MacGregor, and Robert D. Putnam. 2010. "Secular and Liminal: Discovering Heterogeneity among Religious Nones." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49(4): 596-618
-->The recipient of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion's annual Distinguished Article Award in 2011

Lim, Chaeyoon, and Robert D. Putnam. 2010. "Religion, Social Networks, and Subjective Well-Being." American Sociological Review 75(6): 914-933.
-->This article was featured in Time, USA Today, U.S. News, Washington Post, CNN and other numerous news media.

Ph.D., Sociology, 2007, Harvard University

Departmental Areas of Interest:
Political Sociology
Social Movements and Collective Behavior
Methods and Statistics
Organizational and Occupational Analysis