Jack Kloppenburg

Jack Kloppenburg


Soc/CESoc 222 Food, Culture, and Society

Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology, Emeritus
340A Agricultural Hall
(608) 262-6867
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Selected Publications:
Kloppenburg, Jack, Jr., Sharon Lezberg, Kathy DeMaster, G.W. Stevenson, and John Hendrickson. 2000. "Tasting Food, Tasting Sustainability: Defining the Attributes of an Alternative Food System With Competent, Ordinary People. Human Organization.

Kloppenburg, Jack Jr., John Hendrickson, and G.W. Stevenson. 1996. "Coming in to the foodshed." Agriculture and Human Values 13:3.

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1985

Departmental Areas of Interest:
AgroFood Systems
Environmental Sociology
Rural Sociology
Science and Technology

Community and Environmental Sociology
Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies