Archibald Haller

Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology and Sociology, Emeritus
Off campus

12928 N. Salt Cedar Dr., Tucson, AZ 85755-1855
(520) 297-2912

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:
Haller, Archibald O. 2010. "The Structure of Stratification Theory." Population Review 49:1 (p. 1-7).

Haller, Archibald O. 2009. "Empirical Stratification Theory: Ibn Khaldun (1377) to Today." Population Review 48: 2.

Haller, William J. and Archibald O. Haller. 2009. "Household Socioeconomic Status Scales: Theoretic Anomalies?" Population Review 48 (2) (online).

Haller, Archibald O. 2008. "The Interplay of Theory and Measurement." Population Review 47 (2): 85-92.

Featherman, David L. and Archibald O. Haller. 2007. "The Social Psychological Legacy of Otis Dudley Duncan". Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 24 (2): 119-127).

Haller, Archibald O. and Bam Dev Sharda. 2005. "Theory of National Development and Societal Stratification." Population Review 44(2).

Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1954

Community and Environmental Sociology