SocGradChat Listserv

The SocGradChat listserv connects UW-Madison sociology graduate students for a wide range of purposes, from scholarly inquiries to housing/residence resources to family/social life issues. Every graduate student in the department is automatically included on the list upon entry into the program. Still, sometimes students might have questions about how to best use the listserv. Please read on to find basic information about interacting with SocGradChat.

Posting to the Listserv

To post your own message to SocGradChat, send an email to from the email address we have registered for you on file at the department. You will be able to tell which email this is by scrolling to the bottom of any email that comes to you from this list. If you are having trouble posting to SocGradChat, first check to make sure you are posting from your registered email address and not another forwarded email address. So, for example, we might have your "" email account on file, and you're trying to post from your "" or "" email account, which aren't registered. We use one or the other so you don't get two of everything.

Adding an Email Address

To enter a non-registered email address, send a message to, confirm your email address, and give the list admin some time to approve the new email address. Note: Only current UW-Madison sociology graduate students will have access to the list.

Unsubscribing an Email Address

To unsubscribe, look at the bottom of each email you receive from the listserv and click on the following link

or send a blank email to

Additional Questions or Concerns

If the information on this page has not addressed your concern, please email, and be sure to mention "SocGradChat" somewhere in the subject line.