Graduate Student Professional Development

Useful links for Sociology graduate students.

The Academic Market in Sociology

Trends in Academic Hiring Through 2015 ASA Job Market Assessment

Blogs on Academia

The Professor is In: The truth about grad school, the job market, and tenure

Conditionally Accepted: A space for scholars on the margins of academia

Collected Wisdom

Choosing Your Dissertation Committee: Advice on relationships that will mentor your career.

Booklet on Writing for Research: Raewyn Connell put this 42 page booklet together, which has advice on principles and practice. Booklet can be downloaded from

Three Keys for Graduate School Success:

How to be a good advisee: The two-sided process of building a long-term relationship

The Elevator Pitch: Presenting Your Research in Conversation

The Life Course of a Paper: UW-Madison Postdoc Katherine Lin prepared this guide to writing a paper.

How to respond to reviewers: Scientists offer advice on how best to respond to reviewers

Professional presentations: Nature Careers column: Pressure to perform: Talks offer scientists a chance to show off their own work, but it is difficult to make an impact

DeLamater Powerpoint Presentations

Time Management 101: Six Habits of Effective Scholars

Publishing without perishing: Creating a successful career

Becoming a Professional 101

Tomorrow's Professor Articles

How to Have More Time

Becoming a Job Candidate: The Timetable for Your Search

Perfectionist Gridlock: Eight Ways to Get Unstuck

Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Contending with Reviewer's Comments (about research proposals)

Finding a Dissertation Support Group

Ten Simple Rules to Combine Teaching and Research

Twenty Steps to Writing a Research Article

What Do We Mean by "Writing"

Riding Out Rejection - How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Scientific Publication

Grad Tips from Eric Grodsky

Tip #1: Technology tips

Tip #2: Graduate school is not like college

Tip #3: Brownbags

Tip #4: Networking

Tip #5: Your CV

Tip #6: Finding good research ideas

Tip #7: Resources right here at home

Tip #8: Where to keep your files

Tip #9: Dealing with faculty

Getting Ready to Deposit Your Dissertation?

Before you choose a date to deposit your dissertation, it is very important that you set up an appointment to talk with Vicki Fugate or to discuss the ideal date to end your student status and your employment with UW. Depositing your dissertation has a ripple effect: it determines when you obtain your degree, whether you will have a tuition remission for credits that you have enrolled in, when you will receive your last paycheck, and how long you will have health benefits.