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  • Roll, Michael (Ph.D. Expected December 2018)
    Advisor: Ermakoff, Ivan
    Interest Areas: Development, Global and Transnational Sociology, Organizations, Social Movements, Law, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Theory
    Dissertation Title: Rebel Bureaucracies: Corruption Networks, Organizational Change, and Effective Government Agencies in Nigeria
  • Ubert, Emanuel (Ph.D. Expected May 2019)
    Advisor: Freeland, Bob; Wright, Erik
    Interest Areas: Economic Sociology; Organizational Theory; Political Economy; Entrepreneurship; Qualitative and Quantitative Methods; Complex Adaptive Systems; Insurance and Property Markets; Climate Change Adaptation
    Dissertation Title: Uncertain Futures: Homeowner Insurance Market Adaptation to Intensifying Hurricane Shocks in the U.S., 1991 - 2013