March 22, 1995

UW-Madison welfare experts to brief congressional aides on Friday

The UW-Madison is continuing to provide an expert voice in the ongoing welfare reform debate in Washington, D.C.

Three UW-Madison faculty members will hold the second in a series of informational briefings on welfare issues with Congressional staffers in Washington on Friday, March 24. Barbara Wolfe, a UW-Madison professor of economics and preventive medicine, and director of the Institute for Research on Poverty, will appear with Gary Sandefur, UW-Madison professor of sociology and associate vice chancellor, and Larry Bumpass, also a UW- Madison professor of sociology. The briefings are organized jointly by the Institute for Research on Poverty and the Family Impact Seminar, a public policy group based in Washington, D.C.

The focus of Friday's session -- at the Hart Congressional Office Building from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Eastern time) -- is on "children having children." Wolfe's presentation is titled "Teenage Childbearing and Economic Incentives," Sandefur's talk is titled "Children in Single-Parent Families: The Roles of Time and Money," and Bumpass' presentation is titled "Teenage Childbearing in the Context of Societal Changes in Family and Fertility."

The Institute for Research on Poverty -- founded at UW- Madison in 1966 -- is a national center for the analysis of poverty and public policy. Formed originally as the research arm of the federal war on poverty, IRP is playing an increasingly important role in helping state and federal governments evaluate reform efforts in welfare and health care. In February, IRP researchers briefed Congressional aides on out-of-wedlock childbearing issues. On April 28, IRP researchers will hold a briefing on low-wage labor issues, and on May 5, IRP researchers will discuss child support issues.

Wolfe can be reached at: office (608) 262-6358; Bumpass can be reached at: office (608) 262-2182, and Sandefur can be reached at: office (608) 262-5246.