Doug Maynard, Jason Turowetz, and Trini Stickle

Doug Maynard, Jason Turowetz, and Trini Stickle discussing a video recording of a family-clinician interaction


Centers & Organizations are special groups that operate under the Department of Sociology umbrella. These are groups of sociologists with strong or loose ties to one another, and who may or may not have special research funding in their field. If you have a passion for a particular part of the field of Sociology, such as demography, gender, poverty, or theory, look here to make connections with others who share your interests.

Current Faculty Project pages highlight the research work of individual faculty members in the department.

Wisconsin Sociology has a long-standing tradition of excellence in survey-based resesarch. Data links to ongoing data collection and research studies in the Department.

Books lists recent books published by our faculty, graduate students, and former graduate students on a wide variety of academic topics.

Find your niche. Research and Interest Areas lists the specialty areas represented among the faculty of the Sociology Department. Interest area descriptions are combined with a list of affiliated faculty, so you can find a mentor who shares your interests.