Faculty Research Projects

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  • Center on English Learning and Achievement
    A partnership aimed at developing instructional capacity by improving teachers' knowledge, skills, and understandings about what their students are capable of doing and providing strategies and ideas for them to be able to act on this new knowledge in their classrooms.
  • Protests and Social Movements
    A project to reframe social movements as coevolving systems of protest, politics, and news coverage.
  • Wisconsin Racial Disparities Project
    Analysis of the patterns of racial disparities in Wisconsin and the US as a whole.
  • The Real Utopias Project
    A project to explore institutional designs for emancipatory alternatives to existing institutions.
  • Sexuality Across the Life Course
    This project is concerned with the impact of normative life transitions on sexual attitudes and behavior.
  • Shaping Abortion Discourse
    Methodological information and datasets from the book Shaping Abortion Discourse: Democracy and the Public Sphere in Germany and the United States.