Joining the SSCC

The Social Science Computing Cooperative supports researchers at UW-Madison who use statistical analysis in their work. We provide a complete research computing environment focused on statistics plus the expert help you need to use it. This includes:

The SSCC offers two types of memberships:

Full memberships are available to UW-Madison departments, agencies, and larger units. Full members are expected to make a minimum contribution of $20,000 per year to the SSCC, with the actual contribution being calculated using a per-seat charge which is based on the member's actual usage of SSCC resources. Full members receive all SSCC services and a seat on the SSCC Steering Committee.

Individual memberships are available to individuals, research groups, or larger units where only a few people need SSCC services. (UW-Madison affiliation is required.) Individual members receive access to SSCC's Windows servers (Winstat), Linux servers (Linstat and Condor), all statistical software, assistance from the SSCC Help Desk, free SSCC training, 20GB of disk space per user (shared or private), and up to two hours/year of free statistical consulting. An individual membership costs $450 per person per year. Additional statistical consulting is available for $100/hour, and additional disk space beyond 20GB costs $0.20/GB per year.

If you are interested in joining the SSCC, first check our list of member agencies and make sure you're not affiliated with one of them already. Then contact SSCC Director Andy Arnold for more information or to begin the process of becoming a member.