SSCC Training

The Social Science Computing Cooperative offers training on statistical software and other research tools to anyone in the community. Visit to see the current schedule and register for classes.

Core Statistical Software Classes

Core statistical software classes are rigorous introductions to a particular statistical package, designed for people who plan to use it for research. They are taught by the SSCC's Statistical Computing Specialists, who have years of experience using these packages. Core classes are offered three times per year; in fall, spring, and summer. The packages covered are:

  • Stata
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • R

Note that while Stata for Researchers is structured as a single continuous class, the SAS, SPSS, and R classes are divided into independent modules and you are welcome to sign up for just the parts you need.

Classes on Statistical Software Topics

Other classes address particular topics and are designed to help veteran statistical software users become more efficient or learn new skills. Which topics they address and how often they are taught depends on demand, but recent examples include:

  • Multiple Imputation Using Stata
  • Stata Programming
  • Margins and Contrasts in Stata
  • SAS Arrays
  • SAS Macros

Classes on NVivo and Qualitative Analysis

In Spring 2013 the SSCC and DoIT's Software Training for Students (STS) are pleased to offer training on NVivo and qualitative analysis by guest instructor Christian Schmieder. Christian is an experienced consultant and trainer in several different qualitative software packages.

  • Brownbag: Choosing a Qualitative Analysis Software Package
  • NVivo 1 & 2
  • NVivo with Your Own Data

Classes on Matlab through STS

SSCC also hosts STS classes on Matlab. However, these are only open to students.

Other Classes

SSCC classes are not always about statistical software. Recent examples of more general classes include:

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Writing Math with Word

To see the current schedule and register, visit


Last Revised: 1/24/2013