SSCC Computers

The SSCC makes a tremendous amount of computing power available to its members through its various servers. For technical details about these servers see our Knowledge Base article Computing Resources at the SSCC.


Winstat is the SSCC's Windows Terminal Server farm. Windows Terminal Servers allow you to log in to a Windows server remotely with full access to both the SSCC network and the software installed on the server. Software installed on the Winstats include general purpose statistical software like Stata, SAS and SPSS, special purpose statistical software like HLM and NVivo, and general Windows programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Logging in to Winstat is also the easiest way to transfer files between the SSCC and home or other locations.

Lab PCs

The SSCC's computer labs have more than 50 powerful PCs with a variety of statistical software installed. For more information about the SSCC's computer labs, see SSCC Computer Labs and Information for SSCC Instructional Lab Users.

Sensitive Data Enclave

If you are working with data that cannot be stored on a network, Data & Information Services Center (DISC) makes a Secure Computing Enclave available.


Linstat is the SSCC's Linux server cluster. It consists of three 64-bit Linux servers with a variety of statistical software installed, plus the usual Linux compilers and utilities.


The SSCC Condor flock is ideal for long jobs or running multiple jobs at the same time. The SSCC has CPU's running Linux dedicated to executing jobs submitted using Condor. See An Introduction to Condor for instructions on using these machines.


The SSCC's High Performance Computing Cluster, Flash, is designed for parallel computing. It is ideal for jobs that can be broken up into many pieces that are executed simultaneously. Most jobs run on Flash are written in FORTRAN and use MPI to handle the parallelization. For more information about Flash, see Using the SSCC's High Performance Computing Cluster.

All computing systems (except for the Sensitive Data Enclave) are connected via Ethernet to the Sewell Social Sciences Building high-speed Gigabit Ethernet backbone.