SSCC Computer Labs

The SSCC has three computer labs: 4218, 3218, and 2470 in the Sewell Social Sciences Building.

4218 is the primary lab. It has 24 PCs with a large variety of statistical software and client programs for logging into the SSCC's servers. The computers all have CD/DVD writers and can access USB memory sticks. Printers and a scanner are available.

3218 Sewell Social Sciences is our primary classroom. It has 30 PCs configured identically to the 4218 PCs, a printer, and a ceiling-mounted projector. 3218 is available for drop-in use when classes are not being held there.

2470 is primarily used with the SSCC mobile lab. However, it has three PCs and makes a good place to work with your own laptop. (The building wireless network is available from the lab.) It also has a printer.

For a list of software installed on the lab computers, please see our software web page.

The 3218 and 4218 labs are open 9:00AM-9:00PM Monday-Friday. Graduate students and SSCC Members can access 4218 after-hours with a UW ID and a PIN. To request a PIN please fill out a form online. The 2470 lab is always locked and is only available to those with after-hours access.