Information for SSCC Instructional Lab Users

The Social Science Computing Cooperative provides computing services for research and instruction in the social sciences. As an SSCC Lab user you'll have access to a wide variety of statistical software, powerful computers, and help in using them.


The SSCC provides Lab Accounts to graduate students in the University's Social Science division and anyone taking a class that uses the SSCC's computer labs. A Lab Account allows you to use the SSCC's computer labs and Winstat, the SSCC's Windows Terminal Server farm, but does not give you access to the SSCC's Linux servers or an SSCC email account.

If you have not yet received an SSCC Lab Account, you can request an account online. Once you've received your username and activation code you can activate your account online.

Computer Labs

The SSCC has two main computer labs in the Sewell Social Sciences Building. Room 4218 is the Computer Lab where you can work on your research or your homework. 3218 is the Computer Classroom, though it is available for general use during the fall and winter semesters whenever classes are not being held there. Both labs have printers, and 4218 has a scanner.

The 3218 and 4218 labs are open 9:00AM-9:00PM Monday-Friday. (During the summer 3218 is kept locked except during classes and 4218 closes at 4:00PM.) Graduate students can request after-hours access to the labs, which allows them to use the labs 24/7. People who are using the Computer Lab (4218) or Computer Classroom (3218) when they close may stay, though the doors will be locked. People who are using the Computer Classroom (3218) will be asked to move to the Computer Lab.


Winstat is the SSCC's Windows Terminal Server farm. Winstat allows you to log in and run Windows on the server, with full access to the SSCC network and the statistical software you need. You can also use it to transfer files between your computer and the network. This makes Winstat a convenient alternative to coming into the lab.

To use Winstat you'll need to download and install a small, free client program. Using Winstat has instructions.

Network Drives

The SSCC provides a very large amount of network disk space for our users. This space is secure, available from any location and backed up every night. We strongly recommend that you save all files related to your research work or SSCC-supported class on the network rather than the local hard drive of your computer.

The U: drive is your "home directory." This is private space where you can store your files. The X: drive is for project directories. If you need to share files with your class or research group, there will be a folder for that group on the X: drive.

The Y: drive is temporary space. You can use it if you need a lot of disk space for a brief period, or to quickly share files with people who are not part of an official "project." However, you should keep in mind that files on the Y: drive are not secure, are not backed up, and are removed after 30 days.


Both computer labs have printers which you are welcome to use. The printers use the campus wide pay-for-print system, GoPrint. You will need a valid NetID to sign in to the GoPrint system. Printing is $.07 a page and is debited from your WisCard account. For more information, see Paying for Printing in the SSCC Labs.

Learning More

If you are taking a class that uses SPSS Statistics or Stata, you may find the following resources useful:

There is a great deal more information available in the SSCC Knowledge Base. Just keep in mind that some articles discuss tools you do not have access to (notably the Linux servers).

We also offer free training classes each semester on Stata, R, and other topics. These classes go into much more depth than the the brief introduction to the software given in most statistical courses and could make applying what you learn in class much easier. Visit our training page to see the schedule and register for classes.

The SSCC has a small library of statistical software documentation in 4218 for use in that lab. A few more books can be found in the 4226 staff offices. The CDE Reference Library in 4471 also has some statistical software documentation available for brief check-out.

Getting Help

If you are having trouble logging in or using your account, the SSCC Help Desk can assist you. The help Desk is open 8AM-12PM and 1PM-4PM. You can get in touch with the Help Desk by emailing, calling 262-9917 (2-9917 on campus) or stopping by 4226 Sewell Social Sciences Building.

If you would like assistance with your homework or research project, speak with Doug Hemken in 4226I. His hours are . If he is not available, the SSCC Help Desk may be able to help you.

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