Winstat Upgrade

On Wednesday, January 5th, SSCC staff will carry out a number of upgrades to Winstat. Anyone who uses Winstat needs to read this message in its entirety, because action on your part is required if you want to save various program settings and any data files on your Desktop or in My Documents.

These upgrades include the following:

  • Eight new servers will be added to the farm, replacing the older generation of servers
  • The servers not being replaced will have additional memory installed
  • The operating system on all the servers will be upgraded to Windows Server 2008
  • A new version of the Citrix ICA client will be made available

These upgrades will improve performance and stability in general, and also add support for multiple monitors, better management of disconnected sessions and detection of newly inserted flash drives. After the upgrade, all the Winstat servers will have eight processors and 24GB of RAM (meaning you're welcome to use up to 12GB if you need it). The new servers also have improved disk controllers, which will help with disk-intensive SAS jobs.

Unfortunately, the "profile" that saves your current settings on Winstat is not compatible with Windows Server 2008. Thus you'll be given a new, empty profile when you first log in. If you want to save any files currently on your Desktop or in My Documents, web browser bookmarks/favorites, email address books or other program settings, please do so before the end of the semester or before leaving Madison. Instructions can be found at Preparing for the Winstat Upgrade by Saving Your Settings.

When you log into the Winstat web interface for the first time after the upgrade it will offer you the latest version of the Citrix ICA client. All you need to do is download the file and then run it. You are also welcome to continue using your current version, though you won't see some of the new features. We suggest that Mac users who are traveling at the time not upgrade until they are back in town and can get help if something goes wrong with the upgrade process.

Microsoft no longer makes Outlook Express and it is not included in Windows Server 2008, so after the upgrade it will no longer be available on Winstat. Thunderbird will be available, and you are always welcome to use the SSCC's web mail.

The upgrade will require several hours of downtime on the morning of January 5th. Further details will be announced as soon as they are determined. If you have any questions or concerns about this upgrade, please contact the SSCC Help Desk.

Last Revised: 12/2/2010