Resetting Passwords

As attempts to break in to computers become more and more common, it is critical that user's passwords be secure. In the past when people have forgotten passwords SSCC staff have accepted requests to reset them in a variety of ways, some of which did not allow us to be absolutely sure of the identity of the person making the request. With the approval of the SSCC Steering Committee, we will be limiting the ways users can request that their passwords be reset. However, we have implemented a way that users can reset their own passwords via the web.

Please visit at your earliest convenience. This page will allow you to choose three security questions and answer them. Should you forget your SSCC password, you'll be able to answer the questions you gave and reset your password by visiting

Should you forget the answers to your security questions as well as your password, the SSCC Help Desk will still be able to help you. But we ask that you come to the SSCC staff offices in person and bring some form of picture ID with you. That way we can verify your identity. We recognize that this will not always be possible and we will work with you to find an alternative way of establishing who you are if needed. But it is our hope that having the ability to reset your own password using security questions will make these kinds of situations extremely rare.