SSCC Usage Policy

The Social Science Computing Cooperative is funded to provide the research computing needs of several social science departments and research agencies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Each SSCC member accepts responsibility for all the computing done using their SSCC account(s).

Account Security

The protection of SSCC resources depends heavily on each member's careful handling of their account(s), since any account can serve as an entry point for theft, damage, or unauthorized use to the entire network. SSCC members must protect the confidentiality of their accounts including their passwords and are expected to exercise reasonable care to insure that others cannot use their accounts. Sharing accounts is not permitted. Each SSCC member agreed to this policy when they activated their account and failure to abide by it may result in the termination of their account.

Commercial and Political Activity and Harassment

It is strictly against SSCC policy and potentially a violation of state and/or federal law for any SSCC resources to be used for commercial or political activity or for the purposes of harassing anyone. Anyone caught violating this rule will have his or her account terminated.

Unsolicited Mail

The resources of the SSCC network should not be used to send unsolicited electronic mass mailings to users. Specific examples of situations which are not acceptable include sending surveys to all or a sample of the SSCC's users, sending commercial or political sales pitches, and sending fund raising requests. If you believe you have a convincing reason to use electronic mail for this type of purpose, speak to Andy Arnold, the SSCC Director.