Connecting to SSCC Computers Using a WinTerm

WinTerms provide easy access to all of the SSCC's servers. To log on to a server, double click on the server's name in the Neoware Connection Manager dialog box.

Note that the telnet client used to connect to Linux servers does not have the ability to display graphics. If you need to display Linux graphics, connect to Winstat and then use X-Win32 to connect to a Linux server.

Managing Connections

Once you have made a connection to a server, that connection will fill the entire screen and it will not be obvious how to work with anything else. However, you can make new connections or switch between existing connections using the keyboard.

To switch to the Connection Manager, press CTRL-ALT-END. This will allow you to connect to additional servers.

To cycle between existing connections, press CTRL-ALT-<Up Arrow> or CTRL-ALT-<Down Arrow>.

Copy and Paste Between Connections

You can easily copy and paste information between different connections, even between Windows and Linux. In Windows, just use the normal copy and paste commands. In Linux, select text by clicking the left mouse button and dragging over the text you want. Then click the right button to copy it. To paste, hold down the SHIFT key, right click, and the tables of the clipboard will be pasted at the current location of the cursor (not the mouse pointer).

Last Revised: 7/5/2007