Setting Up Network Printers in Windows

The SSCC provides network printers accessible to all SSCC members in 4218, 3218 and 2470 Sewell Social Sciences Building. Note that to pick up your print jobs from 4218 or 3218 after hours or from 2470 at any time, you will need after-hours access to the SSCC computer labs.

If you are not plugged into the wired network in the Sewell Social Science Building, you first need to establish a VPN connection to the SSCC network before connecting to SSCC printers.

Adding a Printer

Click the Start (or Windows logo) button and then type \\print in the Search programs and files (or just Run) box.

Connecting to print

This will open a window showing all the printers on print, the SSCC's print server.

Printer list

Most of these are for particular departments or groups. The printers available to all SSCC members are:

SSCC Printer Network Names
Room Printer Name

Each room has several physical printers, but when you submit a job to that room's virtual printer it will be printed on the first available physical printer.

To connect to a printer, simply double-click on it. A window will open showing the printer's current queue. You can close this window and the printer will still be available when you go to print.

If you are printing JSTOR articles or other large PDF files, please use the 4218 printers. These printers have the least problems with complex PDF files. In addition, they are our fastest printers and this will significantly reduce the amount of time others may have to wait while your job is printing.

Setting Your Default Printer

To set your default printer, click Start (or the Windows logo button), Devices and Printers (or some variation on that depending on the version of Windows you're using). Alternatively, hold down the Windows logo key on your keyboard and press r, then type control printers in the box.

You'll then get a list of printers that have been set up on your computer.

The one with the small checkmark on it is your current default printer. To make a different printer the default, right-click on it and select Set as Default Printer.

Note that if you log in to Winstat from your computer, the Citrix Receiver will make your default printer available from within your Winstat session. Be sure your default printer is the one you want to use before you log in.

Last Revised: 2/21/2019