Configuring Email Programs to Read SSCC Email

This article contains the settings needed to connect to the SSCC's email server. Different email programs may use slightly different names for some of the items, but with some persistence, and perhaps some experimentation, you should be able to get most email programs to work.

If you use Thunderbird, we have step-by-step instructions for configuring it to read SSCC email. You're also very welcome to use our Webmail.

Email Settings

Your email address is Typically your SSCC user name will be either the first letter of your first name followed by your last name out to a maximum of eight characters, or the same as your DoIT NetID. Use your SSCC username and password for both checking your mail and sending mail.

The SSCC's incoming mail server is It is an IMAP server, not POP. It requires SSL/encryption/secure connection/etc. (different email programs call it different things).

The SSCC's outgoing mail server is It also requires SSL/encryption/secure connection/etc.

The IMAP port is 993 and the SMTP port is 587.

Your IMAP directory/location prefix/etc. should be left blank.

Other settings will usually work fine if left at their defaults.

Instructions for Various Programs from DoIT

Recall that we have step-by-step instructions for setting up Thunderbird. DoIT has instructions for setting up several other email programs, including Mac versions, in order to read DoIT email. You can follow these instructions with the following changes:

  • Use your SSCC user name and address (, not
  • Replace with
  • Replace with
  • Be sure to follow the instructions for Manual IMAP, not EMU or POP.

If you have difficulties please contact the Help Desk, and we'll assist you as best we can.

Last Revised: 3/23/2012