Using Identity Finder

Identity Finder is a program that attempts to identify sensitive information on your computer. You can then decide if this information needs to be there and, if so, whether you should take measures to protect it from theft.

Obtaining Identity Finder

Faculty and staff should download Identity Finder from the UW CIO web site. Students can download the student version from Identity Finder's web site.

Running Identity Finder

When you start Identity Finder it will ask you if you want to create a Profile. There's no need to do so unless you plan to use it heavily. We suggest you click Skip and use the Guest profile instead.

We suggest you make two changes before running a search, so click Open Advanced Interface, the Configuration tab, and then Settings.

  1. Click AnyFind on the left, then change Location must contain at least this many unformatted SSNs from 3 to 1
  2. If you use Outlook Express or Windows Mail, click E-Mails on the left, then check the box for Search Outlook Express and Windows Mail

When you're done click Ok to close the Settings window, then click the Main tab and Start (the play button) to begin a search.

Last Revised: 2/3/2011