Using SSCC Network Printers from Personal Linux Computers

This article will show you how to use the SSCC's network printers from your personal computer running Linux. The details and pictures apply to Ubuntu 10.4, but the general procedure should work on any desktop-oriented Linux distribution.

Go to System -> Administration -> Printing. Click Add to add a new printer.

Printing screen

Next expand Network Printer and select Windows Printer via Samba.

Select Device

Type the name of the printer you want to use in the box under SMB Printer.

SSCC Network Printers
Room Printer Name
4218 primo/print/sscc4218
3218 primo/print/sscc3218
2470 primo/print/sscc2470

Select Set authentication details now and type your SSCC username and password. If your password contains any special characters (&, @, etc.) type a backslash (\) before that character.

Enter printer information

Click Verify and your computer will confirm that it can connect with the printer. Then click Forward and your computer will search for appropriate printer drivers but fail. Instead type lexmark in the Make and model box and click Forward.

Download printer driver by name

Select Postscript-Lexmark under Downloadable Drivers and and click Forward to download and install it.

Download drivers

Next it will ask you which options to use. Set Trays to Tray1+2+3. (If you leave it at the default it will only be able to use tray 1, which is the colored paper used for cover sheets.)

Installable Options

Give the printer a short name and optional description and location and click Apply. Do not print a test page at this time.

Name the printer

Before actually using the printer, you need to tell it to use tray 3 rather than tray 1 (which contains colored paper). Right-click on the printer and choose Properties, then click Printer Options on the left and set Media source to Tray 3.

Printer Properties

Click OK and you're ready to print to the SSCC's printers.

Last Revised: 7/20/2010