Installing New Software using Software Center

If you use a Windows PC that logs into the SSCC's PRIMO domain, you can use Software Center to easily install new software on your PC. This article will show you how.

Click in the search box next to the Windows logo button, start typing software, and Software Center will appear. Alternatively, click on the Windows logo button, All Programs, Microsoft System Center, and then Software Center. (If Software Center does not appear contact the Help Desk.)

You'll be shown a list of software that is available:

Click on the program you wish to install, then click the Install button. Software Center will install your new software automatically. If the installation process requires rebooting your computer, Software Center will prompt you to do so. Once the Status of the program changes to Installed you can close Software Center and use the program. If you have to reboot, the program will be ready for use after rebooting.

Last Revised: 4/25/2019