Running Stata MP16 at the SSCC

The SSCC has two varieties of Stata. Standard Stata uses just one processor, but Stata MP16 can take advantage of up to 16 processors for a huge increase in performance. Use it whenever you have a Stata job that's taking a long time due to computations, such as mixed models or multiple imputation (unfortunately it can't help with loading large data sets). No need to change your do files, just how you run them.

Stata MP16 licenses are very expensive, so we have a limited number of them. If you are told all the licenses are in use you'll need to wait until one becomes available.


On Winstat, right-click on a do file and choose Execute StataMP 16 Batch Mode. Stata will not start its usual graphical user interface: it will simply run your do file and then quit. A log file with the same name as your do file will be created in the same directory as your do file automatically, but any log using commands will be honored as well. Please note that in accordance with the SSCC’s Server Usage Policy, Stata MP16 on Winstat will actually use 8 cores.

Unfortunately this method will not work if the name of your do file or any of the folders it is located in contain spaces. Rename things like U:\My Dissertation\My Do Files\My Do File to U:\MyDissertation\MyDoFiles\MyDoFile.


On Linstat, do files run using the stata and condor_stata commands will be run using Stata MP16, though some HTCondor servers only have 8 cores and Stata MP16 will automatically adapt accordingly. If you use xstata to get a graphical user interface, be sure to close Stata as soon as your done actively using it so the license is available to others.

Last Revised: 1/19/2018