Changing Font Sizes on Winstat

You can change the size of the fonts used by Windows on Winstat using the ChangeFontSize program. Note that ChangeFontSize does not control font sizes in documents, or in the windows used by many programs. Often these programs have their own tools for setting font sizes (most browsers will increase the font size if you press Control-+, for example). However, many programs use the Windows fonts and are affected by ChangeFontSize.

To start ChangeFontSize, click Start, All Programs, and then ChangeFontSize (it is not inside a folder). You'll get the following window:

ChangeFontSize program window

Move the slider side-to-side to preview sizes; clicking one of the size buttons will close the program and apply the new setting. It will be applied in programs immediately, but you'll have to log out and log back on for it to be applied in some places.

TextPad with Normal Fonts
TextPad with normal fonts
TextPad with Large Fonts
TextPad with large fonts

If you change your mind, start ChangeFontSize again and click the Normal button.

Last Revised: 2/5/2013