Use Condor to run long jobs or to run more than one job at a time

The SSCC's Condor flock is a set of 30 CPUs dedicated to running statistical jobs, and if those fill, excess jobs will be sent to the Computer Science Department's Condor flock if possible. (CS does not have Stata, SAS, R or Matlab on their flock, so for the most part it can only run user-written jobs.) Members are welcome to submit up to 10 jobs at a time to Condor. Jobs will generally run significantly faster on Condor than on Winstat, and can run much longer than Winstat's 24 hour limit--members regularly run programs on Condor that take weeks to finish.

The Condor flock runs Linux rather than Windows but programs usually require only minor modifications, mostly to file locations. In fact, we have a web page for submitting Stata jobs to Condor so you can run Stata jobs on Condor without even having to log in to Linux.

So next time you're waiting for a job to finish on Winstat, or wishing you could run all your jobs at the same time, take a look at An Introduction to Condor and see if Condor is right for you.

(SoE members will need to request an SSCC Linux account before using Condor or other Linux resources. Contact the consultant if you're interested.)