Want your statistical jobs to run faster? Tired of babysitting your computer while it runs long jobs? Need to run a bunch of jobs and wish you could run them all at the same time? Linstat and HTCondor can help.

This class is designed for researchers who are finding they need more computing power than Winstat or a typical PC can provide, but feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of learning Linux. Fortunately, in SSCC's integrated environment you can access the power of Linux by learning just a few basic Linux commands, and this class will show you how.

In the first part of this class we'll cover:

The second part of the class will be an opportunity for you to apply what you've learned to your own program and, with the instructor's assistance, get it running on Linstat. Ideally this will be a program you've written for your research work.

Much of the material covered in this class will be specific to using SSCC's Linux servers. To benefit from it you'll need an SSCC member account, which includes access to SSCC's Linux servers, not a lab account. (If you have a Z: drive when you log into Winstat then you have access to the Linux servers.) If you have questions about your account status, contact the SSCC Help Desk before registering for the class.