New Way to Connect to Winstat

We have released an upgraded version of the Citrix Receiver, which includes a new and easier way to connect to Winstat. The new version acts more like a regular program, with an icon in your Programs menu that you can click on to start a Winstat session without ever opening a web browser.

To upgrade, download and install the appropriate version for your computer:

Versions of the new Citrix Receiver are also available for Linux and many other operating systems; contact the Help Desk for assistance if you need them.

If you are running MacOS 10.6 or Windows XP, you can continue using the previous versions of the Citrix Receiver (previous Citrix Receiver for Mac, previous Citrix Receiver for Windows).

The installer will run quietly and simply close when it is finished. You will need to reboot your computer before using the new version.

Mac users may get a message about the installer being from an unidentified developer. If you do, right-click or Ctrl-click on the installer and then choose Open.

For more information about using the new Citrix Receiver, including how to connect if you are not able to install software on your local computer, see Using Winstat.